Smith & Hennessey PLLC was formed in April 2000 on the principle that the size of a firm is not commensurate with quality legal services. We have an outstanding litigation record and  have argued cases at every level of the judicial system including the United States Supreme Court.

Practice Emphasis

Our primary emphasis is in litigation. We have represented a wide variety of individuals and corporations in connection with our practice on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants. All of our cases have been unique. 


Skilled Attorneys

Our lawyers have handled litigation in a variety of locations throughout the country, including state and federal courts in Washington, Alaska, California, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and other jurisdictions.



We recognize that the litigation world has changed and traditional litigation, which often includes lengthy and expensive discovery and trial, is not the most cost-effective manner in which to resolve disputes. Many cases now are in private arbitration, resolved through mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.


Experienced, Focused

We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our work and responsiveness to our clients. This is what we believe sets us apart from other law firms. We are committed to assisting our clients in effectively resolving their legal problems through trial or settlement.

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