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 Our lawyers have handled litigation in a variety of locations throughout the country, including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Colorado, Louisiana, Georgia, Mississippi, California, Hawaii, Washington DC and other jurisdictions. Frequently, we act as co-counsel with other firms. In such situations we ensure that the client’s work is performed by such firms in a manner best calculated to be cost-effective and to lead to a successful result for our clients.

Smith & Hennessey PLLC associates with other counsel, where their particular expertise or support services are required, on an as-needed basis. It has relationships with a number of lawyers who have served “of counsel” or in related capacities to the firm.

Mr. Smith is a very experienced trial lawyer. He also spends a substantial portion of his practice as a neutral, mediating and arbitrating disputes.
Mr. Hennessey regularly represents clients in need of help resolving complex disputes, primarily through litigation. He also regularly represents clients in arbitration and mediation contexts in cases involving a broad assortment of substantive legal issues.


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