Personalized and Efficient Legal Services

We vigorously represent our clients throughout all phases of the dispute resolution process, whether in pre-litigation settlement discussions, in mediation or, if necessary, through litigation. Our attorneys are skilled advocates and trial lawyers. We are experienced in handling a variety of cases through private arbitration, state or federal court, through trial and on appeal. Many of our cases are referred by lawyers at other law firms whom we know and with whom we have worked with in the past. We believe that we are capable of working effectively with opposing counsel to achieve positive outcomes for our clients.

In each matter, we provide an initial assessment and review of the facts and materials and discuss options for a potential resolution with our clients. Each case is unique and we collaborate and work closely with our clients to identify their goals and to implement an efficient and cost-effective strategy for achieving them. We also work with our clients on alternative fee arrangements, which may include an hourly, contingent rate or a mixed billing rate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys have significant experience with alternative means for resolving disputes outside of traditional litigation in state or federal court, including mediation and arbitration.


This is a major component of our practice as general counsel and in related litigation matters. We represent and provide advice to a number of trade associations regarding antitrust issues.

Business Litigation

We represent individual business owners, as well as large and small companies in all types of industries.

Employment Litigation

We are experienced in representing both employees and employers in complicated employment disputes.

General Counseling and Independent Investigations

We act as general counsel for a number of entities, including several industry trade organizations. We have acted as independent counsel in complex matters with respect to conducting investigations and providing related advice.

Natural Resources and Environmental Litigation

We have litigated complex cases involving natural resources and environmental issues, including in the timber and logging industries.

Tort Litigation

Our attorneys have litigated numerous high-stakes, multi-party tort cases in a variety of contexts.

Trust and Wills Litigation

We have handled a variety of complex will and trust litigation, including will contests, alleged mismanagement by trustees, probate litigation, fraudulent transfers, breaches of fiduciary duty, undue influence and diminished capacity.

Other Areas of Practice

We have provided qualified experienced representation and advice in numerous other substantive areas.